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Please Note:

Club/Shopcodes are not transferable and may be used only by one member. If we determine that the same Club/Shopcode has been used on multiple computers, we reserve the right to invalidate the code involved.  If you believe that this has been done in error, please contact our support.

Details of our Club Membership

There are a number of advantages to club membership.

Requirements: Anyone with an e-mail address and an internet connection can apply for club membership.

A Membership has many Advantages:

  1. You always have access to the latest versions of our games and there is no extra update fee. Gold and Silver members have access to the top level versions.

    Membership Type

    Game Eligibility


    Rasche`s Skat 6 Premium, plus
    Rasche`s Doppelkopf 6 Premium, plus
    Rasche`s Sheepshead 6 Premium and higher


    Any one version:

    Rasche`s Skat 8 Premium, or
    Rasche`s Doppelkopf 6 Premium or
    Rasche`s Sheepshead 6 Premium

  2. The games can be downloaded. You save the shipping/handling fees!

  3. Attention: Cardsets C aren`t included in your membership.

  4. Specially-designed desktop pictures (Macintosh only for now).

  5. All club members have access to pre-release developer versions of our games before they become available to the general public. For example, you could download Rasche`s Kartenspiel 4 ( today!

  6. Extending your club membership is an even better value. Membership extensions must be made within ten days of the expiration of yor orignal membership (when using wire transfers, we must receive the funds within tex days).

  7. Windows customers no longer require the CD in order to play.

  8. The software is downloaded from the Internet. No CD is necessary.

  9. Over time, we expect to add additional features that will be available to members.

  10. Your club membership will expire unless you renew it. If you do not wish to continue your membership beyond the expiration date, you need do nothing further. It will expire automatically.

Is membership right for you?

If you're not concerned to have the latest versions of our programs and prefer to have a version that is not time-limited, then our CD versions remain available for purchase at the address:

Order CDROM-Versions Here

The Rights and Obligations of Club Members:

As a club member, you are leasing the software for the duration of your membership. After expiration of your membership, you are no longer a registered user and agree to erase the software from your computer.

In general, a club membership is for one year. At the beginning of your membership, you will receive fro us an individual Club Code that you must enter to activate and register your program(s). The techical details of this process can be viewed here. This code is valid only for one computer. If you want to use our products on more than one computer, we offer attractively-priced additional licenses. Simply contact us for details.

After you have selected a computer on which you want to use our game(s) and entered your club code, you must connect to our registration server. For this purpose, each program has the command "Manage Activation Code" under the Internet Menu. This is required in order to complete the registration process and to allow you to play with our products more than a few days.

Note that an individual computer need not be registered for the entire duration of your membership. If, for example, you expect to purchase a new computer in a few months, you can register the current computer only for that length of time. Once you purchase the new equipment, you can then register it for the remainder of your membership. The technical details can be found here. Please note that a change of registration is possible only within fourteen days of the end of the prior registration period. A second license is required, if you begin to use a new compter during the registration period of the original equipment.