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I Download of the Software

II Ordering a Free Membership

III Extending the Activation

IIIa Send an E-mail to extend membership

IIIb What do I do with the automated response?

IV Changing Registered Computers

Please Note:

If you have questions, please contact our support site.

Detailed Information about Registration for a Club Membership

For Previous Purchasers of our CD Versions Who Have a Club Code:

I Download der Software

Before you can use your Shop-/Club code, you must download the software from our server by clicking on the appropriate Link .

But, let's suppose that you are a new customer.

  1. First download the Basis Installer. Also, make sure that you select the right platform (Macintosh or Windows).

    After the download is complete, please expand the downloaded files. Under Macintosh you get an image file. Please open it. Under Windows you have to start only the installer file.

  2. Finally you can download our club test version and and place it in the folder with the other program components. This version is the last developement of our software. You get every 1. of a month a new versionan it expires at the of the month.

II Ordering a Free Club Membership

As a registered user of Rasche`s Kartenspiele 1.0, you have the opportunity to try out our club membership for three months free of charge.

The free membership is valid only for the computer that was used to activate the membership.

You can activate your free membership by using the following window that appears when you select the command "Manage Activation Code" from the Club/Reg Menu in the program that you downloaded above:

The most simply way goes the activation is, if you click in "3. Step " to "Direct send". At this time you must have an active InterNet connection, because our software contacts automatically the club server and regulates the activation. A result is displayed immediately to you.

Alternatively to this direct solution you can handle activation also by email, so that you can activate also
computers, which do not have an InterNet access.

Using this window to send us a registration e-mail will tell us which computer you want to use and how long you want your club membership to run. You should undertake this process then only with the computer on which you intend to play the game. A change of registered computers is possible only at the end of the registration period that you select.

Consider an example of how this works:

    Suppose that you have a one-year club membership. You could choose to register a particular computer only for the first three months, leaving the remaining nine months open for the same or a different computer. If you want to be able to use two computers at the same time, then a second license is required.

Simply click on, "Copy to Clipboard." Then start your e-mail program and call up a new e-mail. The text can then simply be pasted into the e-mail from the clipboard.. The address should be "". Please do not type the text into the e-mail as errors are likely

If you are using a Macintosh, you can simply click on "Send E-Mail" which will automatically create the e-mail for you. You can then simply click, "Send" to finish this step.

You will then hear from us by return e-mail within one or two days.

III What do I do with my E-mail Response?

The details are explained here